March 24, 2009

Read It Again Mom!

Maybe it's the mom in me. Maybe it's the teacher in me. (Teaching is the profession I had before becoming "mom". It was the job that paid me. Who knew that becoming a mom would make a teacher's salary seem golden. lol) But I am obsessed with children's books.

To be honest, my obsession started long before I was a mom or a teacher. What's not to love about children's books? Colorful pictures to look at. Few words to focus on. A life's lesson wrapped up in a matter of pages. (Often a lesson needed more by the adult than by the child.) And don't underestimate the meaningful memories created when a parent curls up with his or her child to read a book. "Read it again Mom!" is a phrase uttered by my 4-year old almost daily.

So it's no wonder that some of my favorite listings in my etsy shop are my finger puppet and book combos. I love finding books to pair up my puppets with. Sometimes my mom and I design puppets specifically for a book. It's a fun challenge! I have a few of these listings in my shop right now and I hope to add more. So please stop by and check them out.

My Bear and Friends Set goes perfectly with this Winnie the Pooh Easter Book.
Warning: It's my only one. So if it strikes your fancy snatch it up.

And don't miss every preschooler's favorite dinosaur, Barney. Plus, I have The Velveteen Rabbit (not pictured).


  1. Love your finger puppet and book idea :)

    I'm not a mom yet, but my mom LOVES children's books, especially the pop-up types. Maybe it is a mom thing...

  2. Hi Jenny - Thanks for giving me the Lemonade award! I have left you another award over at my blog. Jackie :O)