March 25, 2009

Ten Things I Hate About Being a Mom!

Okay, before you jump to the conclusion that I am a terrible mom, I am actually writing this to focus on the silver linings in my life. Read the corresponding numbers of my lists together and you'll understand the silver linings. For every negative about being a mom, there is a positive that far outweighs the negative.

Ten Things I Hate About Being a Mom!
1. I hate that the toys have overtaken my house. No more decor items adorning my shelves. They are all overflowing with dolls, books, blocks, etc.
2. I hate that going anywhere involves toting along a two-ton diaper bag.
3. I hate when I can't understand what my girls are saying. It frustrates them and me.
4. I hate the constant squawking and arguing between my two girls.
5. I hate that my fingernails are never done. Not that I was ever one to go and pay to have my nails done. However, I did occasionally enjoy applying a fresh coat of polish to my nails. With no excess time these days, my nails are usually their own natural color. How boring!
6. I hate that there are no longer silent moments in my life. It seems like there is always noise.
7. I hate the monotonous ritual of housework. The constant battle of cooking and cleaning and laundry is never ending.
8. I hate that a project cannot be completed in one sitting (unless I hire a babysitter).
9. I hate that I can't pee in peace. A trip to the bathroom is seldom done independently.
10. I hate ... see the other #10.

Ten Things I Love About Being a Mom!
1. I love that as a mom it is perfectly acceptable to sit down in the middle of the day and color a picture, build a Lego tower, and play Candyland. Few adults get to spend their work day surrounded by toys to play with.
2. I love when I go somewhere my 4-year old must also drag along her baby, it's bag, her play cell phone, etc. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
3. I love the adorable mispronunciations that come out of my dear daughter's mouth. One of my faves, "I'm just a kidding mom." For some reason, that "a" is always there. LOL
4. Seldom as they are, I love the sweet moments between my girls. When one hugs and comforts the other, my heart melts. I am sure that one day they will be each other's best friend.
5. I love that my little girls love their nails painted. And I love that they have their daddy wrapped around their little fingers. Who could imagine that this grown man would be willing to sit and paint their nails in order to make them happy. Adorable.
6. I love when my daughters fill the room with singing. My Avery loves to sing songs, even though she doesn't know all of the words. And her motto is the louder the better. :)
7. I love that the world is a place of discovery for my children. Stirring the cookie batter, pushing the vacuum, and folding the laundry is still more play to them.
8. I love that my children give me excuses to take breaks from my projects.
9. I love when those tiny fingers poke underneath the bathroom door. I can't help but smile.
10. I love, love, love being a mom! I love, love, love my girls! Nothing to hate here!


  1. I love this Post! Bravo, you are a great mom from the sounds of it. Mine are 21 and 26 and I wish their toys were still laying around the house. Enjoy!

  2. ~Ditto~ GREAT post I have 6 totally understand :)