March 22, 2009

My Easter Egglets are Feeling the Love!

My Easter Egglets are feeling the love.  I entered them in a CEM (Cafemom Etsy Moms) Spring Contest.  And they won the vote!  I am so excited!  As the winner, I am being featured on their blog.

Also, a fellow etsian was kind enough to include my egglets in their blog on Etsy Easter finds.  Thanks crochetandstitches!

Easter Egglets (Set of 6)

Our "egglets" are a welcome addition to any Easter basket! Simply fill the plastic egg with any treat or treasure you desire, slip it back into the egg cover, and you have an oh-so-cute friend for your little ones' baskets.

My Egglets are available in 3- packs and 6-packs in my etsy shop.  (Although, really I could do any amount you needed.)  Easter is only 3 weeks away - so order yours now!

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