May 1, 2009

Off to Another Show...

So my online presence has been a bit on the quiet side this last week. When this happens it's usually because my offline life is not so quiet. That would be the case this week. We've been gearing up for another show. So lots of puppets in production. Add in a doctor's appointment, a couple of dentist appointments, and a field trip to the Nature Center with my daughter's preschool class and you can see my week has not been my own. (Although I'm not sure it ever really is. At this point in life, I am just grateful when I get to pee by myself. lol)

I wanted to take a moment and plug the show we're doing. Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe will be running Thursday, April 30th to Saturday, May 2nd at the Ivory Ridge Country Club in Lehi, Utah. So if you're in the area, please check it out. Please click the link to their blog for more details.

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