April 1, 2009

Where Are You Promoting?

My etsy shop www.weeknit.etsy.com will have it's two-month etsiversary tomorrow. While my mom (aka the Chief Knitwit) has been making finger puppets for decades, the whole online marketing game is still new to me. I'm learning as I go. Terms I didn't know just weeks ago are now part of my everyday lingo. (Blogging, Chatting, Forums, Threads, Posts, Tweeting....oh the list goes on and on.)

So my question today is where are you promoting? What have you found successful? What have you found ineffective? Pass your knowledge on to me and whoever else is looking for some direction.

I feel like my shop, for as new as it is, is doing well. However, I would love to learn from those of you who are saying, "Oh I've been there, done that!" So please comment and share your wealth of knowledge.

My personal knowledge is limited, but here's where I'm spending my time these days. What's working? What's not? I have no idea, but I'm having fun doing it!

  • Etsy - I spend time promoting in both the forums and the chatrooms. I know some of my sales have been a direct result of interactions I've had in these places.
  • My blog - If you're reading this, then you know I have a blog. It's effectiveness?? Hmmm.. you tell me. http://weeknit.blogspot.com/
  • Twitter - I don't quite get tweeting. But I know through google analytics that twitter is sending quite a few clicks my way. http://www.twitter.com/weeknit Plus, it's doesn't take much time.
  • http://www.byhand.me/ - This site seems to be up and coming. It's not a selling venue, but a place for artists to come together and a place for you to bring all your info together as well.
  • Cafemom Etsy Moms (CEM) - Again, a great community of artisans. This time a great group of creators who happen to also have the job of mom. Fun contests, great interaction, friendly members. I would definitely say check them out. http://www.cafemom.com/group/6632
  • http://www.blockheadradiolive.com/ My newest addiction. Listen to some fun and clever artists while chatting and interacting with other listeners (as well as the fun on air talent). Blockhead Rod and AGoodWitchToo are hilarious. Plus, they have a fun competition - the artisan challenge. The winner gets some free promotion. You can't beat that!

  • http://www.weeknit.artfire.com/ Okay, so I just opened shop on artfire. I haven't spent a lot of time there yet. But I figured with a basic option that is free, you can't go too wrong.
  • www.indiespotting.com You can click into their FAQs and get all the info. But again, free promotion rocks!

So what do you got? Please comment and share.


  1. Well, for the sake of brevity, just go visit my blog post today ...

  2. WeeKnit~ All I can say is AWESOME! This is a great bunch of information that is so useful to all of us! Thanks for doing the research and blogging it for us!