February 22, 2009

Introducing WeeKnit

So here I am blogging. Yes, blogging! While I am not totally computer illiterate, I have always been a tad hesitant at completely submersing myself into the cyberworld. But in the hopes of promoting WeeKnit, here I am jumping in.

Let me introduce you to WeeKnit. WeeKnit consists of my mother and myself. My mother would be considered the "chief knitwit" of the business. She has been designing and creating finger puppets and other knit creations for as long as I can remember. We're not talking years; we're talking decades! At times, I assist her in producing her oh-so-cute creations. And now I am in charge of bringing her products to a whole new world of internet customers.
So while I am not quite sure the path this blog will take, I am going to start by introducing you to some of the products we make. (All of these products are available to purchase at http://www.weeknit.etsy.com/ ) So please check back often and feel free to follow us.
So far this is our best seller on etsy.
The animals in our zoo set will hold your little ones captive. It includes five colorful finger puppets. You will receive five of our best-selling critters - a penguin, a monkey, an elephant, a giraffe, and a tiger.


  1. Hi there!! Your puppets are sooo cute. I am new to this and just started my new blog. Check it out.


  2. Hi! Welcome to the blog world. Be careful. It is addicting. lol

    I absolutely love your shop! Your puppets are adorable.