August 17, 2010

What Next?

So we're working on some wholesale orders at the moment, but I must admit my mind has been percolating with some new ideas for the shop.  I'd love to hear what you'd like to see most, so please vote in the poll to the right.  And if you have an idea that's not there, throw me a comment. 

These are my thoughts considering the choices:
  • Five Little Ducks - This set would be very similar to our Five Little Monkeys Set.  Basically, a set of our duck finger puppets all dressed up differently.  It would be the perfect set to accompany the classic children's song.  It would perhaps include more than five ducks - thinking probably the mama duck needs to be there too.
  • Wizard Friends - With so many books and shows out there revolving around the wonderful world of magic, we thought this might be a fun and popular addition.
  • More Halloween - We have our original Halloween set, but I can see a whole other set of spooks in us.  Vampire, Frankenstein, who know what else?
  • Halloween Egglets - Pumpkins, witches, etc. morphed into our egglets.
  • Christmas Egglets - Santas, snowmen, etc. also morphed into egglets.
  • Nativity Egglets - I think this would make an adorable and unique gift for all those Nativity collectors out there.
At any rate, perhaps we'll get some of these items designed and added.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks.

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