August 15, 2010

Do You Sell at Craft Shows, Farmers' Markets, Etc.?

So we've been contemplating the idea of offering our products at wholesale prices to vendors who would want to resell our products at their local shows and markets.  (We would require a $100 minimum purchase.)  I figured it might be a profitable venture for both of us!

I know some shows allow reselling and others don't - so you would want to check on what the regulations are for your specific shows.  If you are interested in receiving some wholesale info, please email me at


  1. You may want to contact someone like or - they're both websites that sell (usually designer, but sometimes not) kids stuff for a certain % off "retail" price. Generally they buy in HUGE bulk (like several hundred of each thing)and you could make a lot of $$$. Just a thought, I'm not a PR for either of them, I just happen to use their sites once in awhile.

  2. Thanks for tip Ms. Michalek - I'll check it out.