August 26, 2010

Five (hmmm, Six) Little Ducks!

At last, a new creation!  When we took our poll last week, the Five Little Ducks Finger Puppet Set received the most votes and comments.  And we finally made one up!

Now when designing this set, it was one of those cases where it is difficult to decide where to start and stop.  The song is five little ducks, so do we limit the set to five ducks?  Don't you need the mother duck?  We said yes.  Hmmm, what about father duck?  Some versions of the song include him, others don't.  So should we include him?  Basically, we settled on the set of six.  However, we could certainly adjust it up a duck or down a duck depending on what you wanted.  (Just send us a message about a custom listing.) 

Five (okay, Six) Little Ducks Finger Puppet Set


  1. Those are so very adorable! Love your new Halloween guys too.

  2. Not sure if baby Keni (chomp) knows the 5 little ducks song yet. Hmmmm...will have to get on that.