April 18, 2009

Any Grand Mother's Day Ideas?

Easter has past and I can now exhale after the multitude of knit bunnies and chicks have moved on to new homes. So now I'm wondering about Mother's Day. I know! Doesn't it seem like we go from one gift-giving holiday to the next? But if anybody deserves a gift-giving holiday, it's the moms of the world.

I already have a gift on the way for my mother-in-law. Shannon, aka Pigatopia, (www.pigatopia.etsy.com) has created this beautiful picture of my two girls. She is so talented. I can't believe she created this from a couple of photos. If you could see my Avery and Addie in person, you would agree Shannon has done a spot-on job. I hope I can bear to part with this treasured artwork once Mother's Day gets here. lol

So my mother-in-law is taken care of but I would love to come up with a fantastic idea for my mom as well. Plus two grandmas. Not to mention my sister who has a birthday the same weekend. So if your brain (or shop) is full of items that would be perfect, leave a comment and I'll check it out. Thanks.

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  1. What a beautiful picture - I would have trouble giving it away too :O)