March 8, 2009

Need a Buck?

Find a penny pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck.

Well, those pennies add up. The quarters and dollars add up even faster! Since becoming a SAHM (stay-at-home mom), I've had to find ways to cut back. After all, going from two incomes to one is a big adjustment. I found this fantastic site that helps me to stretch my grocery dollars. Their motto is pinch your pennies til they scream! Hence their website,

This fantastic site is having a birthday this week. Five years old on March 11th! They are doing several giveaways. They are giving away a food storage system, a vacatain, an ipod. Plus, they are giving away some fantastic handmade items; a collection of girly headbands and hats, a vinyl lettering quote board, and of course, some of my adorable finger puppets. I've donated two sets of your choice. (Check out the options in my shop. So please get in on all these fabulous giveaways now!

Simply, go to the site and register. It's completely free! Then once you are there, you can click into the forums. Right at the top, are the two giveaway forums. Look at the prizes. Say, yes I want in on that. Post in each thread. And you are in on each of the giveaways! Good luck, I hope you win. (P.S. I hope I win too. The only thing better than cheap is free!)


  1. Thanks for sharing, I just signed up!

  2. Thanks for the info - going to check it out now.

    By the way I am giving you a blog award: