March 9, 2009

Lemons or Lemonade?

It's easy to feel like a failure. The toys scattered about and the pile of dirty laundry are all too visible. The squabbling children are all too audible! The inadequecies in life seem to have a giant neon arrow pointing at them. Sometimes we need to be reminded to shine a spotlight on the positives. After all, the squabbling comes from my two beautiful girls who are healthy and happy. You can't ask for much more than that!

Yesterday, Pampered Papier was kind enought to pass the Lemonade Award on to me. Thanks Pampered Papier! After a harried day it was a much needed reminder to focus on the good.

The Lemonade Award is given to someone who has shown gratitude or a great attitude in a given week. Then each recipiant gets to pass the award along to 10 more people. While I have been blogging less than a month, I am impressed at the sense of community that exists amongst the bloggers. I am excited to share this award with some of the great blogs I have been "following". (Sounds like I'm a stalker doesn't it?) Now go and check them out!


  1. Thank you so much! I am humbled because my blogging is so new to me and my etsy shop needs to be filled but I keep shopping on etsy instead! You are very kind and I appreciate you! I am also following your blog. Your creations are beautiful. God bless. Kim

  2. I was so excited when I found out you graciously have given me this award! I have not been blogging long either and this is so encouraging!Thank you so much,and keep creating!

  3. aww thank you so much! i think this is a very cool award and am honored! i cant wait to pass it on to others! :)

  4. Thanks WeeKnit! So sweet! lol. I love the finger puppets, too cute! I will be featuring people on my blog now and I'd love to feature you, so be sure to check your etsy mail. I'm thinking sometime next week! =)