May 27, 2012

Christmas Stockings

Okay, here's the problem with our Christmas Stockings -- people want them at Christmas time!  Go figure, right? 

Unfortunately, our Christmas Stockings are personalized and have to be made to order.  And usually by the time late October early November rolls around we are CRAZY with puppet orders.  So we begrudgingly take down our stocking listing once again.  After all, it will take all of our resources to help Santa fill those stockings with finger puppets.

So we're going to try it again and push our Christmas wares in the dog days of summer.  So we've reactivated our Christmas Stocking listing and marked it 10% off.  And as always we are happy to set up custom orders.  So if you need a slew of them for the entire family, just contact us about setting up a custom listing.  And remember, you may want to think ahead because if the past is any indicator these will not be available when Christmas Season kicks off.

WeeKnit's Christmas Stocking Listing

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