March 21, 2012

Okay, the slacking blogger returns for an update.  (What can I say?  My "new" baby is now 4 months old and my life is not my own.  As usual, the blog has fell to the back burner.)

So here's what new with WeeKnit:

We were super excited to be on featured on the Martha Stewart Blog this week.

A friend roped us into a boutique and we had some finger puppet and book sets left over.  I just added them to the shop.  This is the first time we've added the book sets in a long time.  I figured they would make great Easter basket fillers.  Check out the book section.  There are eight different sets ranging from $11.20 to $25.00

Speaking of Easter, we are also stocked up on egglets.  Again, several varieties available and ready to ship out.

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