January 11, 2012

Martha Stewart Feature

So it's been some time since my last blog post -- but I have a good excuse.  Each and every year the holiday season usually translates into a chaotically busy time for us.  But this year, I also welcomed a new baby girl.  Yes, that's my third girl!  So as you can imagine, it has been beyond busy.  It has been an exhausting, overwhelming, and absolutely fantastic holiday season!

Despite my huge to-do list that has yet to be to-done, I had to swing by the blog to let all my loyal followers know to keep an eye out for our little puppets in the February issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine.  (There was an oops on the price.  But I'm hoping that Martha's readers will be pleasantly surprised that our prices are actually much lower than what was accidentally printed in the magazine.)

Old McDonald and his farm animal friends are so excited to have been featured!   And keep your eye on the shop.   Rumor has it that Old McDonald will soon be rounding up a few more animal friends for a deluxe 10-piece finger set.

And a big thank you to Cool Mom Picks for recommending us!

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