May 14, 2011

No Room at the Inn -- A Tale of a Christmas Deal

So to make a long story short, these puppets have traveled the world!

Basically, we had a wholesale order for these custom mini Nativity sets in London. So off they went across the pond. However, my first experience with the Royal Mail Service did not go well. After a lot of hassle, the customer never could gather up the package before it was sent on its long journey back. By the time I received it, Christmas was a memory and I did not have the heart to make my customer pay for a Christmas-season purchase after New Year's.
The puppets are still in perfect condition and I could certainly tuck them away for next season. However, the customer had a couple of custom requests. The Marys in these sets do not have curls/hair like in our standard Nativity set.  And then these sets were packaged in our wholesale brand. (Really not a big deal, just a different name on the topper.) So instead of tearing open the packages to add the curls just to have to repackage them up, I am offering them at half price. Yes, only $5.75 for a 5-piece handcrafted finger puppet set!

Need more than one of these discounted sets? Contact me about a custom listing. Want a discounted set, but want the ten-piece Nativity set (that also includes the shepherd, sheep, and three wise men)? Contact me about a custom listing. I could package up the second half in a separate bag and still offer the discount on the mini set, so $17.25 (instead of $23.00) for the ten finger puppets.

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