December 11, 2010

Holiday Orders - There's Still Time!

Yes, we know the names of all the employees at the local post office and they know ours.  We are quite the regulars, especially this time of year.  And we will be making several more trips over the next couple of weeks to send off all those last minute holiday orders. 

So if you're still thinking of ordering some finger puppets for a holiday gift or stocking stuffer, there is still time.  (And for the first time in months, I don't feel like we are under a pile of orders.  So now would be a good time to get your orders in.)

For those of you interested, we can ship Priority Mail to speedy things up.  For U.S. deliveries, I can ship anywhere from one to several finger puppet sets Priority Mail for $5.95.

Here's a break down of shipping prices:

1 Finger Puppet Set -  First Class Mail $3.00  Priority Mail  $5.95
2 Finger Puppet Sets - First Class Mail $4.00  Priority Mail  $5.95
3 Finger Puppet Sets -  First Class Mail $5.00  Priority Mail  $5.95
4 Finger Puppet Sets or More -  Priority Mail $5.95

So U.S. orders of 4+ sets will ship Priority Mail automatically.  For orders of 3 sets or under, contact me ( about setting up a custom listing for you with Priority Mail.

And just for fun...can you guess what our best seller has been this season?

Here's the answer.

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