September 13, 2010

Santa's Crew Just Got a Makeover!

So occasionally we do a bit of updating on our designs.  And this week some of Santa's friends have had some changes made, hopefully for the better.

Here is a picture of the old set:

And here is a picture of the new set:

As you can see, Mrs. Claus is now sporting a bun instead of curls - a bit more grandmotherish - hmmm, is grandmotherish a word - well, it is now.  Our elf is now more elfish with his pointy ears.  And the snowman is now donning a top hat and a protruding carrot nose (which my pic does not do justice to).

So what do you think?


  1. I positively adore them! Love, love, love the carrot and the bun and the pointy ears! You really should just do a "Insane Wee Knit Fan Pack" and have one of everything you make. Now THAT would be incredible!

  2. Thanks! LOL Launi - Now that would be a supersized pack! Someone asked the other day if I had a complete list of all the individual puppets we make and I thought I don't but I should. The problem is we just keep adding. (I think a second Halloween set will be next if we can get it done before we're too swamped with holiday orders.) :D