September 5, 2010

Custom Work

So we've had some custom work going on lately.  We've done a few custom Wedding Sets this week.  We often adjust hair color, skin color, and the flower girl's dress color.  I thought it was a bit of a koinkydink that all of them requested flower girls in white dresses.  (In fact, I accidentally switched them up when I was taking my pics.  Oops!)
This set was a lot of fun!  It included the usual Wedding puppets.  But it also included a handful of bridesmaids inspired by our fairy friends - dressed in gray with little wings on back.
But my absolute favorite part was the "monster" groomsmen.  As you can see, our Friendly Monster puppets are dressed to the nines in their little tuxes all ready for the big day.  lol

This week, we also had a customer request a puppet inspired by this guy:

Not an easy feat considering we only have about 8 stitches across to work in our details.  Here were some test puppets we came up with.  I think we decided on the second one but with a cape.


  1. Oh. MY. Gosh!! These are fabulous! I positively LOVE them. Who'd of thought you could do Darth Maul? Holy cow. You're amazing!