August 30, 2010

Christmas Egglets!

So here's another new set of our egglets that we just added to the shop.  In this set we have morphed some of our most popular Christmas finger puppets into egglets.  With this Christmas Egglet Set you will receive a Snowman, Santa, an Elf, and an Angel.  (And remember we can always customize orders if you want some other combo or quantity.)

I really think these will make the perfect little stocking stuffer.  They would also make a cute and unique gift for all those friends, co-workers, etc. that you feel you should do a little something for but don't want to spend a fortune on.  Just slide the plastic egg out, fill it with a little treat, slide it back into it's cover and you have that perfect little gift!

Keep your eye on the shop - I'm really hoping before Christmas shopping season starts, we can add a Nativity Egglet Set as well.


  1. I positively adore Santa's ruffly beard. And the elf's ears--what a crack up!!