July 22, 2010

WeeKnit becoming IKnit???

Those of you who are familiar with us know that WeeKnit consists of me (Jenny) and my mom (Tracy).  Despite our fun and exhausting (don't believe me - see the pic of my girls below) trip to Florida a couple of weeks ago, my dear mother is headed off to California the first week of August (lucky duck).  However, I will still be here trudging along trying to keep things going as best as I can.  But truth be told, without my mom here we will not be running full force.  So if you have any thoughts of large orders, custom requests, party packs, etc. in the near future, you will want to get them ordered soon so they ship out before she does.

1 comment:

  1. Oh myyyy. How incredibly sweet! They have it good though, don't they? I mean, sometimes I feel JUST like that--and STILL have to do the laundry...or the dishes...or fold the socks. How would it be to have someone just tour you around in a little chariot? ha ha! So cute.

    Oh, and we will need to be thinking Harry Potter pretty soon here. Not sure what that means---but, how long will your mom be gone?