June 9, 2010

It's Christmas and Cool Mom Picks is Santa Claus.

The shop has been hopping today.  Probably our best day since Christmas season.  At first I was not sure why until a customer was kind enough to inform me that our Friendly Monsters Set is on Cool Mom Picks (http://www.coolmompicks.com/).

What is Cool Mom Picks and what do they do?

From their site:
"We're just a few moms that track down cool stuff so you can stay busy being fabulous. We know cool stuff doesn't make the mom, but it certainly helps make life a little better.

We have a soft spot for non-mainstream products and services, particularly those from indie or emerging designers and mom/women-run companies. We believe you can stay true to your dazzling design sensibilities and still support an entrepreneur, especially one trying to support her family through her work. But we can be found loving on anything that we think is cool, really. Head on over here to see more about the kinds of things we like.

While we're moms too and we totally get the budget thing, some of the things we feature do cost more than your average big box store bargain bin items. You pay a premium for quality items not made by 6 year-olds in sweatshops. We're all about promoting more responsible consumerism - buy things you truly adore that will last, and just own fewer of them.

You also won't find us ranting about items that we hate or don't work or just plain suck. We weed out those things for you because we know you don't have time to."

If you haven't heard of them, you'll want to check them out.  It's a site I personally frequent because they truly find some of the best stuff out there.  And I am so excited that they have included WeeKnit's finger puppets in that collection of best stuff.  Thanks Cool Mom Picks!!!

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