June 16, 2010

Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

Okay....maybe not danger, but just a warning.  For those of your with plans of puppets in your near future, please note that WeeKnit's shop will be going "on vacation" from June 30th until July 10th.  I would add an unfortuanately to that sentence, but the "on vacation" mode will be utilized for just that -- a vacation!  So please forgive me if I am not saddened by the little break WeeKnit will be taking. 

Instead of the usual routine of knitting and sewing puppets, we will be headed off to Florida to reconnect with some long lost grandparents (this will be the first time my girls will get to meet them) and perhaps we will even run into a giant mouse of sorts.  lol  So wish us a happy and safe trip!

For those of you who did have a puppet order in the works, please know that all orders placed on or prior to June 30th will ship out before we leave.

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