May 25, 2010

I'm No Superman!

So I must admit - I'm no Superman!  In fact, I am a bit of slacker these days.  My poor blog has been highly neglected.  What can I say - life has gotten the better of me.  But before you abandon me and my blog all together, let me explain.  You take into account my daily chores of being mom, add in the necessary duties of running WeeKnit (while the blog may get neglected the shop never does), throw some night classes on top of that (in order to keep my teaching license up to date), don't forget the kickball games for dd#1, and add on the planning details of putting together a family vacation together, well I think you get the point.  Life is busy!!! 

But I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone that we are still here - and that I am going to make an effort to keep my blog followers up to date on what's happening with WeeKnit.  So thanks for hanging in there!  (Hint: Keep your eye out for some upcoming Summer sales.)


  1. Oh, did not know you were a teacher as well. I need to take a couple classes myself to get my teaching license renewed.

  2. I forgive you! long as you forgive me...I am a blog slacker right now too!

  3. Hi Cindy! Of course I forgive you -- I totally understand how the blog gets overlooked. Too many things come first! ;D