February 28, 2009

Saturday's Story and Song Time

So here it is. My seventh blog. A full week's worth. Hmmm... I think I'm out of clever and insightful comments already. Perhaps, I am not as riveting as I thought.

In an attempt to entertain you and encourage reading with your children, I bring to you Saturday's Story and Song Time. Today's story is The GingerBread Man. So round up your little ones - pull out the book; tell it from memory; or click into this cute link I found (Topmarks The Gingerbread Man), and introduce your children to this classic tale. (Any one else notice that not all of these stories have happy endings?)
And today's storytime has been brought to you by none other than WeeKnit's Gingerbread Man Set. So run, run, as fast as you can. Hurry fast and you can catch this gingerbread man! Our six-piece set includes the sneaky fox, the old man, the old woman, the cow, the cat, and of course the gingerbread man. So please check it out in our etsy shop. http://www.weeknit.etsy.com/


  1. Your finger puppets are so cute. My children are older, but I am keeping you in mind for gifts.