February 26, 2009

Ready for a Quiz?

Oh a new day, a new listing! I added a couple of new items to my etsy shop (http://www.weeknit.etsy.com/) last night. I'd like to show them off to you, but first I must dazzle you with my wit so that you will not only look at today's items but check back for tomorrow's shameless plug as well. (Hint: The first item features a red fuzzy fellow that resides on a famous street. The second item revolves around a purple dinosaur that tots adore and teens abhor.)

Now, I'm guessing that many of you immediately knew the two characters to whom I am referring. Yes, I must admit my two darling daughters have me in PBS overload. (In an attempt to cut back on expenses, hubby and I cut back to basic, and I mean BASIC, cable. PBS is the only choice my girls have as far as children's programming goes.) So here's my question to you - are you too in PBS overload? Take my short quiz and find out.
1. What is the name of the fuzzy red monster that lives on that famous street? (1 point)
2. What is the name of the street? (1 point)
3. What is the name of the fuzzy red monster's goldfish? (2 points)
4. Bonus points - If this quirky tune - la la la, la la la, (Insert furry red monster's name here) World - played through your head as you read these questions, give yourself 3 bonus points.
5. What is the name of the purple dinosaur? (1 point)
6. Give yourself 1 point for each dinosaur friend you can name. (3 points)
7. Name the big, red, dog? (1 point)
8. Name the Science Kid who has a new PBS series? (2 points)
9. Who is the curious little monkey? (1 point)
10.Who is the curious little monkey's human friend that tries to keep him out of trouble ? (2 points)
Bonus Question - Can you name the curious little monkey's feline friend? (4 points)
See the answers below. But first enjoy this shameless plug of WeeKnit's darling products!

Your little ones will love playing with our Sesame Street pal look-a-likes. This set includes six finger puppets. These puppets resemble Oscar the Grouch, Ernie, Big Bird, Bert, Cookie Monster, and of course Elmo!

This set contains five of our darling finger puppets (A Little Girl, Baby Bop, Barney, B.J., and a Little Boy) and the book "Barney's Favorite Easter Stories".This book contains two Easter tales in one book. Your kids are sure to enjoy playing with these puppets as Barney and his friends attend an Easter parade and venture out on an egg hunt.
We are always excited when we happen on some books to pair our puppets up with. However, we usually purchase these books a few at a time. For that reason, these books are usually only available in limited quanities and once they're gone, we're out.
So now that you are all on pins and needles (drumroll inserted here), here are the answers to the quiz.
1. Elmo (1 point)
2. Sesame Street (1 point)
3. Dorothy (2 points)
4. I can't hear the name Elmo without the Elmo's World song playing through my head. Oh no - there it goes again! (3 points)
5. Barney (1 point)
6. B.J., Baby Bop, and Riff (1 point each)
7. Clifford (1 point)
8. Sid the Science Kid (2 points)
9. Curious George (1 point)
10. The Man in the Yellow Hat (2 points)
Bonus - Gnocchi (4 points)
So how'd you do? The highest score possible is 21 points. I figure if you scored above 17 you too are one of the adults who's brain is slowly turning to mush by educational programming. If so, turn off the t.v. and slowly back away. You are now safe to go about your day. :)


  1. wow i only scored 14 pts! As a mom of 3 young kids, you'd think I would have done better. But I didn't know the name of the cat.

  2. I just wanted to say I saw your etsy shop for the first time today in the forums...and I think your little finger puppets rock! If my cat didn't eat things made of yarn...I'd be snatching those up!


  3. I got them all right. PBS is the only choice for my little bear too. Oh how I wish we had other channels for him. lol

    Adorable puppet sets!

  4. I only scored 15...it think... But I think I should get extra cause the orange dinosaur on Barney is "Riff". :) And the only way I know is because of closed captioning....lol
    My daughter calls him Rip.
    What about Super Why? We love that show!! heehee...ok, I'm done. ;)

  5. Thanks pinkpatrice - I'll edit. Minus 1 for me.